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The Fresh Start Program


Personalized Entrepreneurship Training

Get the knowledge you need on essential business and finance topics with a focus on personalized coaching. Our hands-on approach ensures you gain the practical experience required to transform your business idea into reality.

Life Skills and Legal Assistance

Boost your life skills with our dedicated coaching, and get guidance on navigating legalities of business ownership. Benefit from legal support services that set your entrepreneurial journey on a firm legal footing.

Financial Empowerment and Support

Gain control of your finances with our comprehensive training on credit repair, banking, and budgeting. Access to a unique bank account and microloans adds to your toolkit, empowering you to make informed financial decisions for long-term economic independence.

Equipping Justice-Involved Individuals for Success

The Fresh Start Entrepreneurial Program, spearheaded by Nancy Eiden and the committed team at Reentry Survivors LLC, is a preemptive initiative crafted to empower system-impacted individuals on their journey towards financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

The Fresh Start Entrepreneurial Program is a life-changing initiative designed with care by Nancy Eiden and the passionate team at Reentry Survivors LLC. This project's mission is simple yet powerful: guide individuals who've been in the justice system on a journey toward economic success through the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

This program is more than just a business course; it's a combination of skills-building training, life coaching, and legal support all aimed at boosting our participants' business confidence. Our carefully crafted curriculum offers hands-on learning in everything entrepreneurship-related, from crafting a foolproof business plan, mastering creative marketing strategies, optimizing product development, to managing finances effectively.

Our participants get the unique advantage of benefiting from one-on-one coaching with business pros who have been there, done that. We believe that for learning to truly stick, it needs to be personalized and supportive, and that's what we deliver at every step of the way.

We understand that starting a business comes with its legal hurdles, which is why our program includes a unique collaboration with Transactional Law Clinics. Here, we offer a helping legal hand for those initial, critical steps of setting up a business, all the way to representing some of our graduates in legal matters.

One of the core values of the Fresh Start Entrepreneurial Program lies in smashing through the barriers that individuals from justice-involved backgrounds face, especially when it comes to money matters. The program focuses on teaching how to build and manage credit, responsibly use affordable banking services, and even offers free financial counseling.

We take it a step further by setting up a Community Loan Fund specifically tailored to support new businesses set up by our qualifying program graduates. It's about making the road to entrepreneurship smoother for our program participants and future graduates.

By keeping our program cohorts' size manageable, we ensure every participant gets the necessary attention and guidance. We measure our program's success through tangible results: the number of graduates it produces, businesses it helps launch, bank accounts it encourages to open, and improvements in credit scores it achieves.


With Nancy Eiden's visionary leadership, backed by her extensive experience in the financial services sector, the Fresh Start Entrepreneurial Program doesn’t just provide a fresh start – it creates a pathway to lasting business success and economic independence for every one of its participants.

Program Highlights

Education and Training

Our six-week program covers critical business topics such as business plan development, marketing, product development, accounting, and more.

One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring

Fresh Start Entrepreneurship strikes the perfect blend of group sessions and personalized attention with program instructors and Certified SCORE mentors offering additional coaching as needed.

Credit Building & Access

Our program is designed to teach justice-involved individuals about credit building and access, vital aspects of successful entrepreneurship.

Financial Management

Gain insights into credit building and budgeting—secure your financial future with astute money management skills.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with business professionals, mentors, and fellow program participants for peer engagement and networking opportunities.

Break free from the chains of past mistakes and unlock a world of opportunities with the Fresh Start Entrepreneurial Program. Become a key player in the innovative business landscape and take control of your financial future with our comprehensive entrepreneurship training.

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