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Financial Recovery Training

We provide comprehensive guidance on understanding, evaluating, and managing expenses. Our expert trainers also assist in developing strategic plans to increase income or decrease expenses, hence ensuring a more stable financial future.

Effective Credit Management

Our program offers modules on how to read, correct, and manage credit reports. We also delve into detailed discussions on terms like savings, checking account, credit, debit card, credit score, thereby enriching your financial knowledge.

Spending and Goal Setting

Our interactive sessions help in developing a practical spending plan and setting feasible financial goals. We believe in the power of goal-orientation in achieving financial success and work towards nurturing the same within our learners.

About the F.L.O.W. Program

Financial Literacy Opportunity Workshop

As the name suggests, this program is focused on financial literacy. Although the specific details for the program are not provided, it is reasonable to assume that the program's aim is to provide participants with essential knowledge and skills for managing personal finance. This can be particularly helpful for individuals trying to re-establish themselves in society and those looking to start their own businesses. 

Founded by Barry Diamond, our Financial Literacy Program aims at unlocking financial confidence in every learner. Along with a proficient team of educators including Nancy Eiden (First Step Alliance) and Martin Sparkman, we've grown into a program known for its engaging teaching techniques and its remarkable success rates.


Our Financial Literacy Program: A Journey Towards Fiscal Empowermen

Navigate the pathway to sound financial literacy with our comprehensive program. Discover the fundamentals of Financial Recovery, from understanding and prioritizing expenses to formulating strategies for income enhancement. Engage in hands-on exercises to develop practical spending plans and set achievable financial goals. Guidance into credit repair strategies, interpreting credit reports, and preventing credit repair scams will empower you for future fiscal challenges.

Meet Our Experienced Team: Guiding You Towards Financial Freedom

The P.R.I.D.E. Program sets itself apart by bringing in local experts on board for each session. These guest lecturers provide hands-on industry expertise, thereby making sure the participants get not just theoretical knowledge but practical skills as well.

Additionally, upon completion of the course, every participant is paired with a mentor for half a year. The mentors closely track the participant's progress and offer support during monthly meetings. The program's commitment is further exemplified by their sustained contact with graduates post the six-month mentoring period.

The Learning Process: Detailed Overview and Objectives

Our five-week program, culminating in a graduation week, is designed to accommodate between 18-25 learners, ensuring personalized attention. With a course fee of $900 per student, our financial literacy course is a worthy investment towards a financially secure future. The goal? Learners gain the ability to assess their financial situation, devise bolstered income strategies, be vigilant of credit repair scams, and establish timely review mechanisms to improve their financial recovery plans.

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