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Our Programs

Explore the comprehensive programs and services offered by Reentry Survivors. Our initiatives include the PRIDE program that offers entrepreneurship skills training, the Fresh Start and Flow programs aimed at reintegrating individuals into society, and other supportive measures like Virtual Support and Pardon Assistance. Join us in our mission to equip individuals with the necessary tools for surmounting challenges and reintegrating into society successfully.


This program teaches entrepreneurship skills to individuals with criminal backgrounds, as well as their families and released inmates. Through a comprehensive 12-week course, participants learn various topics related to starting, running, and managing a business, including legal issues, accounting, banking, insurance, business planning, marketing, and sales.


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At PREAJPRIDE International, we embrace collaboration and partnerships as key to making our mission a reality. Working closely with organizations like PREAJ and ReintegrationWorks Inc, we address the pressing needs of recently released prisoners. We’ve also paired with Connecticut Welcome Centers and other state institutions to support a smoother reentry process. Internationally, our partnerships span across borders, helping us enrich our programs and strengthen our impact, touching lives from Connecticut to Kenya and beyond.


Explore F.L.O.W., our premier program at Reentry Survivors. We're committed to assisting individuals reintegrate into society by equipping them with the necessary tools to surmount challenges. Our approach promotes positivity, resilience, and offers adequate motivation to individuals for better chances at securing lasting employment and building successful businesses. Discover an empowering environment with us and unlock your potential.


At PREAJPRIDE International, we offer virtual support to our P.R.I.D.E. program survivors post-course completion, ensuring sustained success. We collaborate with partners to deliver online courses that further empower these survivors. Our internationally-reaching programs train up to 500 participants weekly across countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, fostering global growth.

Our strategic partnership with ReintegrationWorks Inc. is a significant pillar in our operational ecosystem. This collaboration allows us to offer highly effective training, preparation, and assistance programs specifically designed for pardon assistance. Leveraging creativity, innovation, and comprehensive expertise of both organizations, we are increasingly successful in our mutual goal of aiding individuals reintegrating society, guiding them through the pardon process, and paving paths towards brighter futures.

What Our Clients Say


"Bridgeport man who spent decades behind bars receives assistance from local nonprofits"

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