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Martin "King" Sparkman

Martin King Sparkman was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut. He spent some time in
North Carolina where he developed a passion for Football. His dream of becoming an NFL
player was short Lived when he developed an injury to his hip. In 2008 after a few run-ins with
the law, Martin was sentenced to 5 years suspended after 2 years and was released on probation.

It was during his time incarcerated where he lost the outside world but learned himself. When
Martin was released, he attended Naugatuck Valley Community College where he obtained a
certification in manufacturing, Although Martin thrived as a machinist, he did not feel this was
his life's purpose. He worked as a laborer and then opened his own company called "Sparkman
Royal Services".

In early 2017, Martin attended a seminar looking to receive a pardon to erase his criminal
history, it was at this event he met his mentor Barry Diamond and would soon learn his true
calling Martin became a client of Re-entry Survivors and attended the P.R.I.D.E program. The
P.R.I.D.E programs an entrepreneurial business course that teaches re-entry to go into business
for themselves. During this time Martin became very active in the advocacy field in Waterbury,
Connecticut. After graduating from the P.R.I.D.E program Barry Diamond told Martin he saw
greatness in him and extended an offer for Martin to work with him.

Martin was awarded for his work all throughout the state of CT Re-entry survivors have become
partners with numerous organizations as a recommended entrepreneurial course. Martin has run
courses in Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, Bridgeport, Prisons and Halfway houses across the
state of Connecticut helping to create hundreds of small businesses in Connecticut. Re-entry
survivors is currently being ran out of Baur Hall at the University of Bridgeport, Martin is
currently CEO of Re-entry Survivors and is business partners with Barry Diamond Martin is the
program manager of V2B Vision to Business which is an undergrad class for business startup ran
out of the University of Bridgeport, in the past few years Martin has provided 30+ scholarships
to the re-entry population to attend the University of Bridgeport.

Since Martin has partnered with Barry Diamond, he has helped Re-entry survivors excel in
Connecticut and it is now listed as an alternative incarceration program through the Federal
courts of Connecticut. Also the program has gone international, and is in 8 nations of Africa.
through their partnership with Africa. Martin lives his life as a 5 percenter, he was given the
name "King Allah". His peers and colleagues refer to him as "King" "Martin King Sparkman
continues to work with various advocates and outreach groups throughout the state to supply
needs for underserved communities in Connecticut. He takes time to host food and clothes
drives, mentor the youth, previously incarcerated individuals, and their families. Martin lives by
the motto "Looking Good, Feeling Good.


He has found his purpose motivating, inspiring and guiding people looking to find and fulfill their life's purpose continues to do so currently.

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